website monitoring

some parameters to watch – who, what, where, how, when, why


Google Analytics

audiences overview

the classic matrices

  • users
  • new users
  • sessions
  • number of sessions per user
  • pageview
  • pages/sessions
  • avg. session duration
  • bounce rate
ga audiences diagrams


not good signals

new users lower than forecast

GA new users forecast lower

pageviews drop (vs. spike)

GA insight pageviews drop
GA pageviews spiked

fewer returned users

GA fewer returned users



you may have to worry if your mobile pie slice is <20% (be careful what the tablet lovers told you vs. reality)

ga devices
GA devicces diagram 0 tablet


Organic Search vs. Direct

it is kind of unusual if you see something like this, 80+% organic search is most likely

GA top channels chart #1 48% organic search
GA top channels chart #2, 86% organic search


which search engines? (usually mainly google, like it or not)

GA source medium chart


diverse enough? how many different platforms? only coming from 1 or 2 ?

GA social network chart
GA social only 2 networks

Behavior Flow

don’t spend too much time on your navigation with drop off between iterations like this. they most likely come from search and leave after landing page (may be back to search if not what they want)

GA behavior flow graph

Active Users

more info than in home screen
may want to worry about the big drop off (if not “normal” seasonal)

GA active users chart


10% 18-24, your main audience not likely perspective students

GA Demographics age chart #1
GA Demographics age chart #2 - only 3 groups


audience interests #1

audience interests #2
audience interests #3
audience interests #4


ok not intended for international audience, otherwise, something to look at

GA Geo graph #1

something may be wrong if the dashboard report has unexpected result like this

GA by country diagram

vs. reaching 200+ countries, almost 10 thousands cities

GA Geo graph #2


you can also exclude domain from report e.g. if you want to filter out on campus (and VPN) traffic – add exclude *

site speed

how many pages > 1 seconds? (how many of your top 10 are >3 seconds, you got a problem – is it the server? plugin? for those >10 seconds, > 20 seconds, > 30 seconds … …

GA avg. page load time
GA avg page load time over time diagram
GA avg page load time chart - bad


trust your number, not what each of the religions enthusiasts told you what they think

search console integration – queries, CTR

< 10 positions? > 90% click through rate. what’s the chance someone click on something > position #20

GA search  console integration - queries, CTR chart
GA SC search query average position chart

Google Search Console

other things you can look at going direct into the service instead of using GA integration


> 10? >20? (when was the last time you click to page 3 of google search results?) improving over time?

SC average position diagram

clicks & impressions

dropping over time is not good

SC clicks & impressions diagram

mobile usability

any errors?

SC mobile usability diagram and chart

redirection wordpress plugin

if you didn’t delete any page (did you? why? OCD? shame on you, put a redirect in at least), 404 mostly just robots with wrong addresses, and attacks (some with questionable user agents). you may need to drill down into raw access, error logs or metrics analyzers (analog, awstats, webalizer) to find more information

404 redirect listing (partial)
404 redirect user agent list


  • performance
  • accessibility
  • best practices
  • SEO

don’t miss the funny splash cards

lighthouse funny splash cards x4

The almost OK and not too well e.g.

lighthouse ok report
lighthouse not too good report


the good and bad

WAVE report 2 summary, 1 details on contrast

not covered fun things – A/B testing, heatmap etc.

not covered business things – conversion, goal, campaign, value etc.