Launching TikTok for your unit


ByteDance (字节跳动)’s TikTok (抖音 Douyin)

if you need explanations

see FT “TikTok has reached 1bn users faster than any other social media app” chart in

and prospective clients demographic “problem” many companies wish they have ….

and World Health Organization) WHO joined to fight coronavirus misinformation

Content, content, content

it is vertical video! not as simple as just re-purpose old media assets to get maximum impact

15 seconds is default. (you can do 60 seconds)

maximum 1080p if upload previous recorded (it won’t take 4K)

you may want to turn off comments if it gets out of control (at least you can change it after post)

you can also share from Adobe Premiere Rush



prepare what you are going to use, no do-over, once you post, cannot change

check your competitions

took us 5 days to took #1 spot targeted (and 10 of top 20, > 50% views) 😊

likes and followers

you may want to prime your followers on old platforms it is coming to jump start

you want a red dot – that means your got something new in “All activity”

analytics, views

no reporting be default, you may have to switch to Pro account for it to start recording data

>10,000 views after 7 days